Helicopter 2D Game project

Helicopter 2D Game project

Small Helicopter game project for mobile. As long as i will work on it helicopter Game test version will be available here for testing purpose.

Below is available latest playable game version. Developed in Unity (v5.2.1f1), exported to HTML5.
Left mouse button to increase lift force.

04_HelyCopter_v04 01_HelyCopter_v04 02_HelyCopter_v04 03_HelyCopter_v04 05_HelyCopter_v04_

Latest version of this game is available at Google Play store as “Flappy Copter” for your Android phone.

– Impruvd control over helycopter
– Added sound effects.
– Added obstacle graphics.
– Added background music (Big thanks goes to “Adam H. Wong”, for free Music tracks);
– and many more smaller fixes.

– some background visual improvements
– at the beginning, helicopter doesn’t fall to the ground, only after first click
– started work on obstacles
– new damage system – helps fly longer distance.

Purpose of this project is to:
– discipline myself, to not overcomplicate things. 🙂
– get more familiar with Unity and HTML5.
– and finally publish something on the phone platform.

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  1. hamid

    the download link is broken
    would u please fix it??

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