“Color Line Dash” project made with unity

“Color Line Dash” project made with unity

“Color Line Dash”.  Game project initially was created as job interview demo project to show my skill.

In 2 week time I created first playable demo version for demonstration to potential employer. At some point I decided to continue this project and publish in google play store to make it part of my portfolio. Now later this year, I decided to make one last push and improve “Color Line Dash” game.

First Update will come out for Android mobile phone and by the end of 2018 I will try to improve game and in same time will make it available for iOS.

Color Line Dash
Color Line Dash
Developer: "AMINT" GAMES
Price: Free+

If you enjoy “Color Line Dash” or you just wish to show support to my work I will be very grateful for positive rating, comments or sharing in your social network. I hope it’s not too much to ask from you.

Thank you for your time an interest in my project.


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