Local Game Hackathon – “Summer Game Jam 2020”

Local Game Hackathon – “Summer Game Jam 2020”

This event was happening from June 26th, 2020 to June 28th, 2020, and I got involved as a Mentor for this event. As a result, there were 10 entries, 10 games. all of them can be found in itch.io Jam page. Students and experienced professionals were working together.

My submission for this Game Jam was “EndlesRuner InSpace”. I didn’t care to give proper title for this project because sou happened that I dint hade team, and as a mentor, I needed something to display for this event, because of agreement I hade regarding this event.

It is just too complicated to explain correctly, why that! In the end, I am just satisfied with the result and that is what matters most. 🙂

Below I added a link to the project and you can download it to see it for yourself. Was created in 3 day time, regarding “Summer Game Jam 2020”.



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