SpaceCraft – Tec 1 – Parts

SpaceCraft – Tec 1 – Parts

I am happy to make this announcement that I remastered my old Spacecraft asset and it will be available in Unity Asset store.

To understand what are the differences between old and new versions of this asset. Let’s compare them.

At the moment, the new version is only available in my ArtStation store, but soon depends how quickly Unity will it approve, it will be available in the Unity Asset store, over time.

Asset store nameSpacecraft – Tec 1 Parts
– Legacy version –
Spacecraft – Tec 1 Parts
Spacecraft part count922
Weapon model parts45
Texture map size4096×20488192×8192
Color map++
Normal map+
Emission map+
Metallic map+
Roughness map+
Link to Store:Link to Unity StoreLink to Unity Store
My ArtStation Store

As you can see this is heavily packed with visual quality and is a low-poly model, can be adjusted for use in mobile devices. Requires minimal effort to be usable in a mobile game project.

All parts that are in the OLD and in the NEW version.

I hope you will enjoy this spacecraft model and its visuals, as I was enjoying it when creating it.


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